To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Extra much red hair

This post will show paintings where the red hair take a greater importance, than other parts of the picture


This picture called Helen of Troy is fantastic!

Alexei Alexejewitsch Harlamoff

John William Godward

Sandys again

This girl is red blond like I used to be, not a real redhead! But if someone saw her together with blond girls they would say she is a redhead.

Helene Schjerfbeck

Paul Cesar Helleu
This is actually only half his picture. I don't know why it is always shown this way,  when it is double this size.

Helleu's  picture in real size

This gives the impression of the size of my Grandmothers hair A woman close to 80 with this much and long hair was impressive , but that it kept it's colour and never turned white was even more impressive.

Henry Edmond Ross

                                                        This  picture is simply called "The Hair"

John Everett Millais

Theodor Axentowicz

Unpleasant snake!

Frank Cadogan Cowper

Whenever  a child came close to my father he would would point out. "Close your mouth and look intelligent."
A persons  privacy  can easily be invaded by others .  One way is when someone step over Your line of integrity.
One of those Integrity borders seem to be tress passed , if you walk around with open mouth close to someone else.
Another is to touch people you do not know or stand too close to them when You speak.
To pick your nose in others company or clean teeth or nails with a toothpick as also extremely impolite
This picture give me a feeling that it has passed my borders and I get irritated by that silly open mouth.
When I paint young children this is one of the problems. .It is okay that they never sit still, but that they do not close their mouths is a  fact that make them look unappealing.

Edward Munch

The Sin, Munch painted several pictures with red haired women, I will add some others to the next posts.

Michail Vrubel

Edgar Degas

Edward Munch

Munch also made some lithographs of this motive two of them can be seen below, I found them in the wonderful Norwegian Auction site called Grev Wedels Plass Auksjoner  For those of You who have 100000$ free to spend this is where You find quality Art.

Wladyslaw Slewinski

Wladyslaw Slewinski


Who bites flowers??


This picture has a problem. One doesn't understand whom the closest hand belong to. The hand which is further away can  be accepted as belonging to  the girl, but the hand which is closer could  belong to someone else. I think this is a mistake.  If I had painted this picture I would have painted part of the the sleeve  green like the jacket, this way there would be no conflict.


Franz von Stuck

William Orpen

Ferdinand Hodler

Sir Alma Tadema

Monday, December 12, 2011

Red haired boys

                             There are of cause more pictures of red haired girls, but I found some boys too.

Bela Onodi
                                                                  Portrait of Gypsy boy

William Merritt Chase

De Predis

Early Dutch Portrait

Arthur Hughes

Gustave Caillebotte

                                                                Portrait of Camille Daurelle

Michael John Angel

Hugo Simberg

Victor Gabriel Gilbert

August Fornasier

Philipp Otto Runge

Unusual picture in German Romanticism. When I studied in Copenhagen I was still young and very emotional and very drawn to Romantic Art. I and 2 fellow students admired Delacroix and  German Romantics like Runge, Füssli, Friedrich and Carl Rothman. In 1981 after I moved to Sweden and started the Academy my parents gave me a book I had longed for " Philipp Otto Runge oder die geburt einer Neuen Kunst"
Look at description of the picture above on
Runge made several portraits of red haired children.

Red haired Girls

Many fine pictures of red haired girls can be found between children pictures in the site  What I bring here I found on auction sites in the Internet or trough searching for artist names in the Internet  or in my my books, which I then scanned.

Some old copy after Velasquez

This little copy I found in a German Auction site not long ago It is clearly a copy of Velasquez picture
But it is a sweet copy where the artist tried to make his own picture.


Alma Tadema

Sir Clausen

I think it often happens that the eyes are placed a little wrong or they are  given too much attention , painted too dark or clear or a little bit too big , so they stand out like two holes in the portrait. It is very hard to paint a children portrait since their faces are so rounded and have so few shapes, and the eyes are rather big.
Since it is almost only eyes nose and mouth it is very important that they get the right angel according to the hidden cranium.Else they kind of swim upon the cranium and doesn't sit in right.
The portrait is nice, but it has one eyes which is placed wrong .

Eero Järnefelt


This is a funny picture where he obviously didn't have time to work as much on his daughter as on the big wooden Grail, perhaps she got tired of modeling for him or the jar was more interesting?


A rather unknown picture, I have many Gauguin books and have never seen this picture before.

Emilie Munier

Emma Heerdt

Ferdinand Hodler

Sarah Purser

Here is a portrait where the eyes were not over painted. they fit in both in grey tone and in colour.



As an artist who paint children I will say that every children painting contain  a choice when it comes to the size of the child in the surrounding. In this picture You get a precise feeling of  the age of this child is because the door nob is so high above her. And still she is rather thin compared to her height.
I love this white /grey type of painting that was so perfected by Hammershøj
I think  that Knopff must have seen Hammershøj's paintings which were famous in his time.

Jan Toorop

A great Easter picture 3 red haired girls in colours of Easter daffodils.

Johan Frankenberger

Many portraits of children in this period make the child look too old in the face
If you only look at the face and nit the size of the body she could easily be thought of as being more than 15 years old. when she actually is no more than 4-5  the most.

Eero Järnefelt

Love this picture look how Järnefelt  knows to draw so well.
I like that it is kept in so few colours and you do not feel any colour is missing.

´Felice Casorati
                                         Typical haircut for small girls born between 1920 to 30

                                          Artist not know ,the picture seen in a German auction site.

Pia Ranslet

Anna Ranslet with Jakaranda flower

Thomas Cooper Gotch

Thomas Cooper Gotch

Allan Banks

Lilla Cabot Perry

Artist unknown

Queen Elisabeth artist unknown

Sir John Everett Millais