To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A new post in December

Time runs and I did not find time for my blog,
but here comes a few interesting pictures for you.
Since I am very busy painting now and there are so few daily hours with good light
 I have to do all my housework and other duties in the dark hours
I also had more evening time to surf the Internet .
I don't paint in Electric light. The surprise of those colors in daylight is not pleasant.
The last year I have been attracted to the color purple and use it frequently ,in my new portraits but also choose clothes that are purple, a color I never wore before
It does not fit my hair and skin, but I can't look at the many purple variations without love.
Purple is not the most visible color in our surrounding, few objects have purple as their local color.
But I started seeing it as an undertone in  combinations with all other colors this last year.
I have for years admired artists who create their own color harmonies of strange unrealistic color combinations and still manage to make it look realistic.
Artists like
Christoph Ruchäberle, Harold Gilman and a new young american artist 
whom I discovered this morning.
Josh George .

Josh George

This is a strong picture Josh George knows how to make colors glow!

Josh George

Very nice Josh!!!!

Josh George

Christoph Ruckhäberle

Christoph Ruckhberle

He is so clever!!!!!!!

Harold Gilman

The color harmony Gilman created in this picture is amazing.
Can't get enough of it! 
Some tastes I crave so desperately that I can get enough ,
Passiflora Icecream. Gillman and dark Rashberry clocklat.

Harold Gilman
Mrs Stanislawa Bevan (Karlowska)
Wife of the painter Robert Bevan
In some pictures she is shown with dark red hair

I could have added some pictures of Robert Bevan if I could find any with Redheads.
It says he was the creator of the Camden Town group.
 I find him the weakest of the painters in that group though and it is obvious that none of the other members could by fare match  Gilmans genius.
Found a small picture of Sickert which is rather fine.

Walter Richard Sichert

Again a Purple undertone even of no purple is used.

Edward Povey

Franz Skarbina

Harold Gilman

The purple undertone is still there even if it is less obvious because of all the orange.

Harold Gilman
The coral chain
Not red hair but so purple!

Harold Gilman

Portrait of Stanislawa Bevan
Again the use of brown grey and blue which gives a purple undertone.

Harold Gilman

I've shown it before , but it's so brilliant.

Harold Gilman

Louis Ritmann
Also a purple undertone

Toulouse de Lautrec

Toulouse de Lautrec

Merry Christmas to everyone

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Redheads at Skagen

Hello dear viewers
I am back home after my first visit to the Museum of Art in Skagen,
Skagen is the most northern part of Denmark.
If you don't count Greenland in !
I saw the Guldalder painters.
And marveled once more over their talents!!
I had seen several of their paintings in Hirschsprungs Collection in Copenhagen
and in the fantastic American collection of John L Loeb
,but this time I looked mostly at paintings of redheads.
So here are some portraits that too me were rather unknown.

Anna Ancher

Pastel of P S Krøyer

Michael Ancher
Tuxen and Krøyer discussing the new painting in Krøyers studio

P S Krøyer

Not sure who painted this one.

Anna Ancher

P S Krøyer

Anna Ancher

Anna Ancher

Anna Ancher

The wonderful duble portrait of PS Krøyer and his wife Marie
She painted him and he painted her

 Anna Ancher

O. Björk



Peder Severin Krøyer

Portrait wall in Skagen Museum
Had to put to photos together  to get all of the pictures in-

At the end of Denmark where the two seas meat

Look how the Northern Sea is green and the Baltic Sea is blue!
Notice one has waves and the other is rather calm !
There were also two different winds, so the waves clashed into each other

Redheads dream

The summer is almost gone ,here on Bornholm in Denmark we 
were lucky with the weather. I have painted and had no Internet, Radio or Television.
It is amazing how many hours one can gain each day without this dream boxes!
Spend much time together with Maria Björklund,
 my sweet, inspiring and  talented Artist friend from Sweden.
We painted portraits of each other and  embroidered and sew ,
we discussed Art and cooked Turkish dishes.
And we started planning series of exhibitions  about our
oriental paintings and love for the Ottoman period.
 Using the fabulous  antique clothes we each
collected trough out  the years.
A fantastic summer that will bear many fruits.
But it has been a long time since my last posting.
My niece Anna slept in the house one night and I have started a painting of her.
Which also inspired to a new posting.
I have to be sure that I don't unintentionally copy some
 other artists sleeping beauty!

So here  comes a new amount of Redheads.

People with red hair also rest or sleep ,
but they are specially lovely lying there so calm with fire burning like crazy around their faces.
Look for yourself!

Juan Luna

Karoly Ferenczy

Angelica Kristenson Aurelius
A wonderful painting of my talented fellow student from the Academy time 
Angelica ,who herself was the most radiating beauty of a red haired woman that I have ever meat.
I follow her production with great admiration.

This artists name skipped my attention.

Louis Ritman

Edward Povey

A man a man!!!! My kingdom for a man!! So few of them are red haired in Art!


Fernand Cormon

Robert  Bereny

Toulouse De Lautrec

Edward Killingworth

William Merrit Chase

Paul Brown

Odalisque on Cigarette box

Viktor Gabriel Gilbert

Unknown to me.

Albert Joseph Moore

Arthur Hughes

Aaron Weizenfeld

Charles Sims

Federico Zandomeneghi

Frederik Carl Frieseke

Wonderful picture! her hair can weigh up all that turquoise color!

I'll add my new picture of Anna here when its ready.
Have a nice October!