To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Men with red hair

There are more pictures of red haired women and girls than
of men and boys.The reason is perhaps that most artists are men
and it is easier to sell a painting of a beautiful woman than of a
handsome man.

We start with an excellent English painter Alan Coulson
Here is his self portrait.

Alan Coulson

Alan's portrait can be seen with his other paintings in the homepage

Bernhard Fleetwood Walker
 Walker painted this picture called Amiety 1933
There are not so many pictures of red haired men.
This picture I found in Wikipedia.
Do look at the Fleetwood -Walker families fine homepage
There is a very nice fresh sketch of this painting in
the online prospect of Wolverhampton's Art Gallery.

Leonard Campbell Taylor

Sometimes painters forget reason and paint women half naked together with
men wearing big coats, like in this picture. Daffodils grow in April
It is still cold, but inside by the oven, it can be quit pleasant.
But this red haired man  must be dying of heat  with all those layers of clothes.
It is a wonderful picture look how the small picture in the background
almost work as a mirror .The woman is wearing a dress which resembles
a big  Daffodil . I show this picture because there is a man with  red hair , and because of the cards. My grandmother loved to play Bridge.
She was very good at it and plaid in competitions , where she won each time .
She knew all card games that exists and plaid Patience's when she was alone
or none cared to join in for a game.
Once a week she would eat lunch and play Lumber with 3 girlfriends.

Károly Ferenczy

Hungarian painting, she probably knitted her brothers sweater
Same age almost but men and women were allowed so different bodily freedom 
clearly pictured here. There were so many rules , made to form young girls
so they would be pleasant and sweet to look at . Arms were to be kept into the body
When sitting legs must be closed.With legs or feet that were turned to one side and the feet of cause placed  together and were never gaping into a 10 to 2 o'clock position.
A woman would take short steps and she would never raise her voice or interrupt.
A woman had to kneel ,but not to deep and give the hand when when saying good day. 
And always one should remember to say thee and thou
and never ever You  to a person older than yourself or to a Stranger. Moderation was the
goal. Not speak too much, not eat too much, not move too much, never run and never laugh loud and only talk when one had anything important to say!!!!!!

Hungary has wonderful Jugend artists, most of them painters who used a glowing color scale and were not afraid of using all of them at once.
 Where as  the rest of Europe
still were dwelling  in moderation and lowered colors . Hungarian artists used strong prime colors.
Budapest is a paradise for Jugend lovers.It is possible to follow the change of
styles in modern European Art trough the  importance of their capitals.
 Vienna was once the cultural center of Europe.
Then it shifted to Budapest and Paris
There is a connection between Art collectors changing living places and the change
of styles in Art . These collectors often brought  attention to a new style or Art fashion with them and then influenced local artists who were invited to soirees and got inspired by what they saw .

Dora Carrington

Look at the refined long fingers . 
The character of Lytton Strachie is expressed by the way he holds the book.
He is learned, gentle and very particular with details, notice the long pony that with spit or grease
covers the growing baldness.And the orderly covering with a blanket.
Look the  beard is on the blanket not opposite. A most sensual cozy portrait of a " Per19 seeds" as my mother would call this type of orderly man. And I add him to the collection because of the beautiful red beard. Many Redheads with brown eyes get darker  hair ,when they grow old and they can get even dark brown haired instead of turning grey or white as everyone else.I started as a very pale redhead and now at the age of 55 I am almost dark brown.

Kalman Kemeny

Marvelous sketch drawn up with Prussian blue and quickly added colours of
white, sienna and ochre, that's it! Kemeny caught this Dandy with his mix of arrogance and elegance.
with so few strokes.

Isidor Kaufmann

I admire this painter ,every single picture of his has an everlasting monumental feeling.
He manages so well to create a shy and humble, but very learned individual .
His pictures are based on sketches which he ingeniously turned into an extreme realism 
but they were all  imagination. The pictures are not portraits of a certain person.
He just used any persons as a first inspiration to do a more harmonic and radiant face.
Hassidic Jewish men back then would never have agreed
to be painted! Only today do they allow photographs. Only 20 years ago not a single
religious Jew would have had photographs hanging in their homes! And if You tried to photograph someone they would cover their faces and hurry away.
This man has a hint of humour in his tiny smile under the beard!
Many men who have brown hair and orange red beard, often have brown eyes .
Men who have orange hair most often have blue eyes.
Notice again the use of materials against each other  he has almost no perspective to make dept.
It looks like it was painted in a home. But religious Jews do not decorate their
homes with silk carpets or Embroideries like this one.
Kaufmann added this embroidered colour full wall covering against the black simple clothes to tell  that this man is humble but mentally and intellectually he is extremely refined
and the beauty is not symbolised as a materialistic wealth with the  Silk, but by the wealth of the written words of Gd
Be aware if any of you see a Kaufmann picture on auction.The marked is filled with fake Kaufmann's
Many of the pictures in sites that show Isidor Kaufmann's works are not painted by him, but clever constructions of  parts from  different paintings of Kaufmann's paintings put together into a new picture  by  Chinese copy painters.

 Found this in an auction site, Artist not known
But oh it's so good.  Look  how the artists curl and caress with details.Typical pre raphaelite.
The admiration for the Renaissance shows in this time both in furniture and in the way men and women are pictured together.
They looked at the Renaissance as a romantic period, where men in iron save virgins from dragons.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Wonder if it's a pleasant hug for her with all that iron?
Look at the cute dead dragon with the tongue hanging out!
It's actually a funny and sweet old metaphor, a bee and flower story
preparing youngsters for what the future will bring.
The protective dragon who spits fire it is the mother in law
with her oozing tongue and the soft innocent daughter is saved out
of sad lonely virginity by a hard loving man (armored in more than one way),
could it be more clear what is going on? A celebration of sexuality!


And this wonderful picture of an unknown artist
I found also in German Auction sites.
Look at  the way he painted the laces,
 It took longer time painting them, than all the rest of the painting!
Is the coffin standing up or is the candle lying down?

 Lucian Freund
And a real redhead or am I a female chauvinist now!
It's of cause Lucian Freund,  the genius, who paints
nakedness in all it's natural lack of charm .
His colourful details in other paintings of fungi under heavy sweating breast
turns us all into impertinent viewers.
I must say he is an amazing painter and there is a glowing
light that radiates from his pictures. And no matter how
disgusting they are with dirty sofas ,rags, old paint and wounds
with dry puss, he is a genius and I would love to have one
of his paintings of any ugly naked person hanging on my wall.
I must say it's like we painters out used all possibilities and now
only the ugly is left to explore. I do oppose this and think
You can paint ugliness like this genius  and it heaves You
up because  no matter how disgusting , he is so accurate and
consequent that the ugly gets beautiful and humane. Or You
can paint the ugly badly or in an ugly way and it becomes a bad painting . 
So this is a situation where painters have to chose and make it a 
moral decision.
It is okay to paint fungi under tits,people defecating on the canvas like Odd Nerdrum ,or paint
blood, and genitals etc   But it is still not okay to paint a bomb in Mohammed's turban? Or a pedophile with his victim or a  sunset in some areas of the world.
The western world is turning aggressive vulgar and barbaric! We allow pornography
, films who deal with cannibalism, serial killers, Pedophiles, torture and all kind of
killing in the most out speculated way. And then some get disgusted by a modern painting of a sunset ?

Perhaps the Time have come to become a nun or Quaker to regain a world of reasonable views ,peace and slow pace and positive content .
It is actually good for the soul to see a picture of just a 
fully dressed farmer who walks his happy cows out to the field.

Vincent Van Gogh

And the most famous redhead of them all
Van Gogh with one of his  numerous
self portraits

                                                   A brilliant self portrait of van Gogh

William Merrit Chase

                                                                  Portrait of a gentleman

Boris Michaelovic Kustodiev

Kustodievs self portrait

Love the  ear which turn dark pink when it gets light from behind.
Look at the next picture and how two artists can get so different
expressions out of almost the same posture and almost similar looks .

Van Gogh

A mentor who of pity agreed to be painted?
You can almost see his thoughts, how hopeless he think, this
painter is . Van Gogh  really exaggerated the dotting here!
Only the highlighted triangles of the cravat gives a seconds rest for the
sour eyes. Do not misunderstand me I admire Van Gogh  and his discovery of
how to make the light radiate from a picture by all the time bending two colours up against each other
But I can also see with that times eyes and  this must have seemed made by a crazy person.

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