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This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Global red hair

It's time for some new pictures.
Long time has passed since I posted anything with red hair.
I apologize . So the next couple of days there will come several posts out

I start with Amy Hill  ,who is a young American contemporary .
If it had been 30 years ago she would have gone in under the 
Style group called Naive Art. 
But I dislike those Art Historical Style drawers that
kind of mark an artist and let him never get out of that box. 
Every artist has an inner harmony,
 that makes him or her stop their work at a certain stage .
This stage is a strong feeling that dictates when they reached 
a fullness of their work and what ever they will do next is not important ,
or can destroy what they reached so fare.
It is for some  limited by fear where they are afraid of destroying  the
quality they made to find another or new expression.
By others it's a great satisfaction ,the picture has no more problems and I can go on with the next.
And sadly for some it's a limitation, that is accepted and demanded by certain Art Critics 
and Art Historian who try to sit as taste judges of what they decide is quality, 
and this way make them self important.

Unfortunately it happens that you worked and made quality in "Your Style" 
but now want to try something new .But then
your admirers will keep you  from changing this "Style".
And even weak attempts will been judged hard as not better or worse or looking like someone else.
It can be your Spouse or artist friends or the above mentioned who live on others work,
who try to suppress your need to change.

So look at Amy

Amy has found a very nice Harmony.
That combines her illustrative way of making order with Portraiture
The ways she sees her sitters and adds a background, 
 makes her pictures look American.
I like that she is brave enough to get away from the 
very dominant American vulgar Realism that has a very choking dominance

I am going to show some New American who are very very interesting and not vulgar.

Amy's work matches 3 Contemporary Russian painters.  
Who combine Fantasy Patriotism,Tradition, Harmony and Beauty! 
Their Illustrative side of telling a story in their pictures 
makes their motives look typical Russian. i'll show them after the Americans.

Amy Hill

Amy Hill

Amy Hill

Amy Hill

To another  contemporary American artist 

Will Wilson
American Contemporary

And another side of Wilson the more poetical mystical  ornamental solution

Will Wilson

And then a fine realist that I discovered only few minutes ago
Lu Cong
Who has an amazing soft warm color harmony. take a look!

Lu Cong

Lu Cong

Lu Cong

Lu Cong
Contemporary American Artist

I keep showing 3 Russian painters whom I admirer and follow with great curiosity.
Andrey Remnev   Igor Samsonov and  Olga Suvorova.

They each have fantasy and each master a different quality 
and still they have something in Common.
I love Remnev for his outstanding Compositions, Harmony, Beauty 
stylistic order, historic elements and amazing Symmetry.
Love how he jumps in and out of the flat  and 3 dimensional surface. 

I look at Samsonow for his ability to keep order in so many picture elements
his fantasy and elegance and  fine colors.

I like Suvorova for her  exotic damasks and romantic feminine beauty with flowers and cats.
Having 3 Cats lots of roses and a love for Costumes she touches a weak point in me.

All 3 add to the total sum of pictures in the world  a great quality!

Andrey Remnev
Russian Contemporary
So similar but look how one of the women smiles a very realistic little smile 
and the other pulls her mouth a bit down.

The next picture doesn't show a redhead but has such a fine red undertone

Andrey Remnev

Igor Samsonov

Igor Samsonov

Olga Suvorova

Olga Suvorova
Woman with child and cat

Olga Suvorova
Woman with cat
Russian contemporary

Wanted to show a fantastic English painter Michael Taylor
but he has Copyrights on his pictures.
 I have written an asked if he will agree that some of his pictures are shown here.

Do look him up.

He has a mixture of Stanley Spencer, Lucian Freund and William Holman Hunt in his way of painting.
No wonder he is so Rewarded!
A pain taking detail work that must take so much time to do. 
He is really worth admiration!!!

Just  received a very kind letter from Mr Michael Taylor  where he granted me 
to show some of his pictures. But to those who want to copy them from my Blog,
 please write to Mr. Taylor before you do so.

Michael Taylor
English contemporary

Wonderful painting.......... so clever!!!

Michael Taylor
Hair Ribbon

Michael Taylor
Portrait of Sir John Tavener

Perhaps Sir Tavener had red hair once? Sure looks like it.
One can hear his humming,  a strong picture catching The Vision and 
showing how much work it takes to compose Music!
Look at that stack of Notes!!!!

Foolish are those Amateurs who think Artistic work  is an easier way of living.

Wladimir Georgievitsch von Bechtejeff

Thomas Cooper Gotch
Red haired woman 

May Louise Greville Cooksey
For sale at  Hill House antiques
Watercolor 1900

Cecilia Edefalk
Swedish contemporary

Cecilia Edefalk

George Telfer Bear

Vaslav Brozik
Portrait of Artist's daughter
Dark brown reddish, but isn't she a beauty
From the best blog on Art:
"A Polar Bear's Tale"

Ernest Gustave Gerardot
This artist was a redhead  too.

Ernst Geitlinger

Vicenzo Irolli

Vicenzo Irolli

Vicenzo Irolli

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