To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Redheads read


                                Russian Contemporary from the St.Petersbough Academy of Art.
It seems there was almost a whole direction or class of students,
 who inspired each other and added more fantasy to Art.
They  are all very decorative and it is wonderful to see after the years of quit rough and
almost depressing paintings of farmer's and factoryworker's bravery under and after the Stalin era.
 I like the use of colours and the combination of details with a strong feeling
 for the light and surfaces.There is something illustrative in this kind of painting with
 so many details. But that was exactly what made the Jugend period so attactive too!  
Samsonov  painted many redhaired women.

Igor Samsonov

Esperanza Asensi
Spanish Contemporary

If You look for a book, it's not there, instead what could have been read is now bottled .
Spain has a wonderful painter named Esperanza Asensi.
Her pictures are fabulations over her and her husband Fasto Morilla's lifes filled with  flowers, fish, animals ,plants wowen together with humour and knowledge .I love her pictures and each visit to her and her talented husband Fausto Morillas' worshops in Alicante is an enrichment!!!!
When I find a portrait of a redhead painted by Fausto Morillas, it will also be shown in this blog.

Here is what I talk about a Jugend style advertisement .The idea is lines, shapes, repetitions and
fantasy, lots of ornaments often made from a plant or flower shape, or like here from clouds and waves.Her dress have become the stormy sea.

Ellen de Groot
Dutch contemporary. She also has the feeling for materials and I like the order and calmness in her paintings .
Her choice of colours is so beautiful. It is not realism  even if some of the materials are painted almost with photographic correctness. The  skin is almost without shadows but it doesn't make it illustrative. She doesn't imitate of copy other artists expressions. The composition in all her pictures gives a feeling of Egyptian Symmetry. Look up Ellen de Groot in the Internet.

Karl Müller

Found this on in a German Auction site, it is an unusual picture. The colours in that light are very precise. It is full of warmth and coziness.
I am not sure if he is identical to Leopold Carl Muller who painted so fantastic portraits of Egyptians and Sudanese people.

Laura Coombs Hill

Only blue and orange , strong picture!

Lee Lufkin Kaula

Love the furniture. My great grandfather Christian Thomsen
was a carpenter for Scandia in Denmark and he made
elegant  furnitures.

Another of this big heavy sofas. Here with a whole  family who all have red hair.

Nicolai Fechin

Pietro di Cosimo

Queen Elizabeth Artist Unknown

Mary Cassat

Fernand Toussaint

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen
The reading girl

Delphin Enjolras 1857-1945

She painted many pictures of reading girls, several of them with red hair

Charles Edward Perugini

Reading girl found in Artmight

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