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This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red bearded and or red haired men

Dear Viewers I had a long working period  abroad, but now I am back in Blog spot

There are so few red haired men ,who were painted in comparison to enormous amounts of the women.
I did my best and found some few besides what have already been posted.
To my luck there was one who was painted several times.

 We start with Thyco Brahe the Danish astronomer who got so world famous, that every country who's Universities promoted studies in Astronomy  wanted his portrait on their walls.
It is hard to see if this are paintings he modeled for or they all are portraits inspired or copied from miniatures or from the one and same famous portrait. His looks variate from picture to picture but the egg shaped head with the impressive red moustache and many gold chains seem to be enough for anyone to be satisfied ,and say this this is Thyco Brahe.
But only one picture really captured his destroid nose.
 The first 4 I show seem to come from the same source. So the 3 last portraits are perhaps later construcktions?  Like the many engraverings of him that I have chosen not to show show since they are in Black and white. But many of those are later constructions

This is the only picture who shows the nose somewhat distorted.

Please check

Perhaps is this old picture that I found in a German auction site also a portrait of Thyco Brahe.?

Well perhaps I continue with some other bearded red haired men

Artist Unknown
This impressive man is for sale on E-bay he was a Cotton Factor

Portrait of Man

And now we need some color!
Giovanni Giacometti

Giovanni Giacometti

Wilhelm Schmurr

Arthur hacker
Portrait of the artists brother

Toulouse de Lautreck

Stanislaw Wyspianski

Lauritz Tuxen

Carl Wilhelmson

James Vl

Arnold Böcklin

Herman Moest

Franz von Lenbach
Portrait of Conrad Geyer

Felix Valloton
Portrait of 5 painters

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