To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Young men with red hair

Antonello de Messina


De Predis

Dutch artist unknown

Wolfgang Heimabach
Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve

Johannes Bellini
Self portrait

Artist Unknown to me
Portrait of Johan the Second

Bernhart Strigel
Portrait of Louis the second of Hungary

Albrecht Dürer

It is strange that Dürer in all his portraits make the sitters squint.

Found this funny patchwork on the Internet ,where it's said to be Dürer's portrait of St.Sebastian
But it is so obviously made by different pieces of old paintings

Take a look at the  strange rhombus on the left arm.

Juan Carreno de Miranda
Portrait of Charles

Artist unknown found on E bay

Unknown artist
found on German Auction site

It's nice what one can find in auction sites of small masterpieces

This one is from E-bay

Joseph Whiting Stock
Portrait of Master Henry Field
Looks very similar to unknown person on the portrait above.

George Owen Wynne Apperley
Self Portrait
Where did he copy that hand from? I have seen it before! From Dürer?

And look another copy thief

Richard Warthen

Artist unknown
Found this in an online antique shop

George Lambert

Glyn Philpott
re blogged from

George Lambert

Excellent colors and surfaces.

Stanislaw Wyspianski

Johan Patrickny
Swedish Contemporary


Master of shapes and sensuality!


William Dobell
The Strapper

Peter  Samuelson
Red Pete standing

Henri Matisse

Well that was another post, do look from time to time on the older posts,
 I add pictures here and there all the time.

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