To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Monday, May 6, 2013

New redheads

I start with a wonderful portrait
of Charles Weed 
A young American artist who lives in Denmark.
He has like many of the new American realist painters studied in Italy.
Color wise he leans towards Odd Nerdrum the Norwegian Genius in his portraits
 and against Corot in the landscapes. . 
Weed seek a soft  beauty and do not try to chock his audience with  his motifs.
There is a calmness and wonderful symmetry in his portraits.
And his treatment of grey tunes is admirable !

Charles Weed
Portrait of Karen

In an earlier post I showed another painting where he used this extremely beautiful
woman.  I'd love to own one of his paintings of this woman and look at it every day!
I think the combination of grayish pink and the sienna red hair is so very very beautiful.

Weed also made a drawing of this woman which is excellent,
 both poetical and serene.

Charles Weed

Charles Weed
Portrait of Karen

This was showed in on of my earlier Posts ,
but  I love it so much so here You get it again.

We stay in the Grey pinkish tonality  and here comes other very beautiful portraits.

Emil Orlik

Albert Joseph Moore

Pere Borrell del Caso

He bends the grayish pinks against the bluish grays

Ramon Alorda Perez

Harold Gillman

Harold Gillman

This is amazing!!!

Anton van Welie

Gennadii Gogoliuk

Michel Simonidy

Michel Simonidy
In the studio

Sergei Solomko

Plinio Nomellini

Also grey yellowish tonality is nice.

Adolf von Pirch
Red blond Girl

Celestin Medovic


Jugoslavian artist
Forgot his name which will be added when I find .

Well it's still early in the morning I'll just empty the dishwasher, fill another and then
hang the wet clothes and put another washing-machine before starting to paint.
Have a nice day !

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