To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Redheads in white gowns

 Peter Severin Krøyer
Summers evening at Skagen

Showing the danish painter Krøyer's wife Marie
 from Skagen Museum on Brøndumvej 4 Skagen

My grandmother at the North-sea coast,
Standing like one of the Skagen painters could have made her pose.
Sometime around 1913 I think.
My grandmothers grandmother was a Brøndum too.
Like Anna Ancher who's maiden name was Brøndum


Was there really something romantic in this period? 
Something we lack in our time? I think there was an appreciation of 
beauty, a patience to search for it and an accept that male painters can sit and 
paint flowers and Arabesques and still be men!!! 
There were no thoughts of 
violent arm strokes or trowing paint from 2 meters distance .
Each time I see a famous painting from this time it surprises me how small it is.
Did a man really sit and arrange this fantastic folds 
and then paint them in so fine tuned colors? 
Did a male painter really paint all this perfect flowers? 
It seems done  with a brush that only had a single hair?
Where is that man today, who is brave enough to sit and paint 67 irises?
Why is there no demand for beauty in European Art today?
Has everything been discovered so it is not necessary to paint beauty any longer?
Is any new painting of beauty just a repetition and has no Art-historic value any longer?
 I believe that only the most beautiful artifacts from each culture survives and are forever admired.
Our century will in a few hundred years be looked upon as  poor culture and art-vice, where
people were satisfied with looking at a crap !
But hardly any of the non figurative artifacts
 will stay because our grandchildren or great grandchildren
will throw this kind of Art in the garbage.

Charles Courtney Curran

Child Hassam

Frederick Leighton
A bather

Huge woman and tiny waves! Is she 300 meters tall?

Harold Brett
Summers moonlight

Funny how the body is turned or perhaps she crosses her legs?

Theodor Auxentiev


Only a man get this  idea ! Which woman deliberately steps in her white gown?
It is at least one hour scrubbing to get it white again.

Wojteck Hynais

Wojteck Hynais

Painting and the sketch for it? Or one of them is simply a mirrored copy?
 The second one seem better in the colors and  more authentic in the proportions 
and the placement of the head on the shoulders is more correct.
The twig in her hand is a big strange like some kind of crutch the woman leans on?
Perhaps needed for the poor model ,who had to stand in this position with both legs on a chair, 
when the artist sketched the draperies. All in all the last one is much better both in light and way of finish.
Ideas can die in freshness, when you repaint them .

Thomas Benjamin Kennington
Now when I look closely she seem more brown haired than red.
But I like the way he solved the lines in this portrait.

It could not only have been  a  fashion of that time only  to show women this way!
You have to know it, to be able to recognize it and to be willing to see a quality in it!
It was a true sense for beauty. A most beautiful pose! 
My grandfather had the sense of beauty and he used my grandmother in his photos 
to express something more than her looks
My grandfather  was not a painter and still this that he express trough my grandmothers pose,
is so similar to the expressions of male painters in his time.

Christian Marius Pedersen

John J  Enneking

Robert Louis Reid

Alice Newcombe

Gustave de Smet

It's a modern Eve, with necklace and she has earphones!  But where does she keep the Mp 3?
Notice the painted tree trunk! Adam knew about Chalk?
That is why he is not around?
He is busy protecting  other trees in Paradise from tree borers
or perhaps her batteries finished and he went to buy  new ones!

How did she shave down there in Paradise?

Hans Dieters

Edmund Blair Leighton

Anthony Frederic Sandys

Funny butterflies above her head.

Frantisek Dvorak

A funny picture too, it looks like she is smelling the roses, as if the smell is falling down on her nose!

Antonio del la Gan

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