To Ellen

This blog is made to the honor of my grandmother Ellen Elisabeth Thomsen who was a modern woman .
She was born in Randers in Denmark 1895 and died in Copenhagen 1976.
She had long salmon red hair down to her hips. It was braided and put up with lots of hairpins to make it look short.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Red and blue

A long time has gone and it's time for some new redheads

Found this little ring for sale in the Internet.
This Cameo could have been a portrait of my grandmother Ellen.
I get depressed when I discover she was younger, than I am now.
So much time has passed since she lived.

Perhaps this periods of cool clearness has a therapeutic effect.
You stop and make a screening of your life,
value it and try to find a new footstep.
Now I am  here and can only expect the future or is it possible to step back?
Could things have been different?

Paul Helleu
So very nice ! He adored his wife. It's the color of  thunder  but with much love.
Outside my window the sky is this blue color right now, any time now the thunder will be over me.
And the Sky will open up. We can stand down here and receive it .

Eveyn de Morgan

Or we can take action and go out there and get what we want!

Arthur Hughes

But I guess for those who can not even imagine the wild lusts anymore.
moderate wet conditions are also okay.

Ferenc Acs

Charles Webster Hawthorne

Anyway if the dress gets wet in the rain  it is not that funny to wear,
 but perhaps it is just blue by chance.
You are beautiful and even in this mood got painted. So why the sad face?
You will look sad forever if this is the only painting of you.

Emile Bernard
Portrait of Yvonne Seroys

Well think about it either sad or eternally thoughtful
In the blues as they say?

Ivan Gregorovitsch Olinsky

Why stay so sad if one can sing?

Or dream of blue butterflies?

Alfred Stevens

Well lets sit back and relax , take a cigarette and consider the situation?

Kenne Gregoire

We get older and the blue mood is there more often!
But still-
We can let our thoughts fly free and we have the imagination !

Athur Spear

So think of the good times when the kids were small
and you were so occupied with things that had to be done. 
With no spare time  for anything else,
 than making it cozy for the family with blue flowers in blue vases
on blue checkered tablecloths.

Theo van Russelberghe
"Madame van de Velde and her kids."

If you still sit there and dwell in your blues
then get up and do something productive!

Hans Purrman
"Portrait of Dame Dorle von Kapff"

Perhaps you fell like this  inside

Jessica Dongeon

 And all you see is blue?

Wilhelm Lundstrøm
Portrait of Yrsa

So put on your Armour and prepare yourself for new experiences.

Anna Louise Swynnerton
Joan of Arc

Learn to not say your opinion and  just wait!
The sons will bring home possible daughters-in-law
and it is their choice, not yours!

Benjamin Björklund


Christoph Rückhärberle

All you can do is wait 
 be kind  and keep your thoughts for yourself!
Eventually with luck the one  they chose
 will make you a grandmother .

Fernando Botero

You might get a little grandson or
 at long last a girl will come into the family!
Both will bring joy! 

Artist Unknown

Perhaps dark red?

Or pale red?

 Artist unknown

Or she will have your eyes and ears?

Artist Unknown.

Eventually  you will have many grandchildren
and no time to be in the Blues.

Wilhelm Suss

are occupied with storytelling and cake production
and you might just  paint them over and over again 
and show the world the wonder of
the next generation of redheads.

Mary Cassat
"Elsie in the blue chair"

And the ring is closed once more.
And blue is just blue!

Von Stuck

John Anster Fitzgerald
Until your time is done, and if you are lucky you will have those wings you imagined and 
the blue will belong to others.

It stopped raining now!

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